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No Bullshit Academy | Courageous Leadership

The No Bullshit Academy gives leadership training programmes for business- and personal development.
​Working from head, heart and hands, NBA takes you on an honest journey that will confront, inspire and activate to clear out the Bullshit (BS) in your work and life.

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In this training we will look at:
Who Am I? What is my Story? And what is my next step?
Co-initiating, uncover common intent, connect and discover chances.
Working from: theory-U (
The first phase of theory U is based on uncovering common intent. This is a perfect phase to discover what you have in common and what differences there are. We will look at what we do within our work and life and the Relationships that exist. And then discover a new reality to step into.

Questions we will work on are:
What inspires me?
What tools do I need to establish good relationships?
What can we do together to optimise ourselves and our work?
How do we want to work together?

  • Dauer:

    • 2,5 day training
  • Unterrichtszeiten:

    • day 1 | 13.00 -18.00
    • day 2 | 8.00 - 18.00
    • day 3 | 9.00 -18.00
  • Lehrgangskosten:

    1195,00 €
  • Abschluss

    Teilnahmebescheinigung der Akademie

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Kundenservice & Beratung

0221 160500

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Time to start

on request

min. 10 and max. 15 participants
The programme is in English.

Questions, ideas, tools

During these days we will let the attendees experience working with and towards the following questions, ideas and tools:

• Why am I here, what is my focus this 2,5 day’s?
• Learning new tools (to use in their daily life)
• Re-connecting tools
• Inspiration
• Culture awareness (Business culture ideas/habits)
• Working together
• Peer to Peer learning
• Sharing tools
• Deep Listening / intentional speaking
• Theory-U
• Design Thinking
• Breaking habits
• Roles
• Having fun


Workshop activities and materials
Coffee, tea & lunch.
21 day Challenge and personal coaching

Travel to/from workshop location


day 1 | who am I and what is my story?

13.00 arrival & check in

14.00 connect to each other with exercise Selfie

14.30 CORE exercise with 4 different questions

15.30 tea coffee break

16.00 inspiration talk

17.00 check out

18.00 dinner


day 2 | Relationships: with myself, my company and with clients

8.00 check in

8.30 introduction and exercise

10.30 tea coffee break

11.00 exercise evaluation and learnings

(what did you learn? what works in your life/work? what does not work in your life/work? metaphor – what are the parallels? present post-its & sharing?)

12.30 lunch

13.30 exercise habits & complaints: what habits am I stuck with in my life and my work

15.00 tea coffee break

15.30 connection & sharing walk: in pairs the attendees will go on a walk, with intentional speaking and deep listening

16.30 presenting the walk by role-play

17.30 check ou


day 3 | step into a new reality

9.00 check in

9.30 stories & best practices by the attendees

11.00 tea coffee break

11.30 courageous leadership exercise

12.30 lunch

13.30 design your challenge

14.30 marketplace

15.30 tea coffee break

16.00 peer-group set-up

17.00 check out


Pre-Assignment & Post-Assignment


As we strongly believe in journaling during a multi layered training like this we will ask participants upfront (a few days before the actual training begins) to do a journaling exercise based on a few questions.


Post-Assignment/ follow up

At the end of the training we will start a challenge (for instance a team-, personal- or sales challenge) to put the tools you experienced into practice.
With a buddy system people will discover each others talents and grow a strong community.


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mama mama
via google

Es hat mir Spaß gemacht

Habe nur Positives erlebt. Das ganze Team ist voll motiviert und kompetent und sehr freundlich. Es hat mir Spaß gemacht und ich habe mich immer wieder darauf gefreut, dort hinzugehen.

H. Firat
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Normalerweise schreibe ich keine Rezensionen. Hier mache ich eine Ausnahme, weil Kundenorientierung bei Bohlscheid groß geschrieben wird.

A. Wausk
November 2019

Die Beste Entscheidung - erfolgreiche Umschulung

Eine der besten Entscheidungen meines Lebens bisher. Fachlich kompetente Dozenten, die einem bis zur IHK bestmöglich vorbereiten. Ich würde mich immer wieder für lernen bohlscheid entscheiden.

  • Dauer:

    • 2,5 day training
  • Unterrichtszeiten:

    • day 1 | 13.00 -18.00
    • day 2 | 8.00 - 18.00
    • day 3 | 9.00 -18.00
  • Veranstaltungstyp:

  • Extras:

    coffee, tea & lunch | 21 day Challenge and personal coaching